• Malolos Ranked 8th: Best IT-BPO Location

    The launching of the “Annual Report on the Top Ten Next Wave Cities (NWC): The Philippines Best IT-BPO Locations” took place on March 15, 2012 at Philamlife Tower, Makati City
  • Fiesta Republica

     Republic of the Philippines
    Province of Bulacan
    City of Malolos

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    Office of the City Mayor

     City Tourism Arts Culture and Sports Office

    A Concept Paper
    A National Event

    Fiesta Republica is a celebration of history and culture of the City of Malolos. Initiated by the City Government of Malolos under the leadership of Honorable Mayor Atty. Christian D. Natividad and in cooperation with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), Department of Tourism (DOT) and Department of Education (Dep Ed), the festival was conceived to arouse the consciousness of the Filipino people on the significance of the founding of the First Philippine Republic (a.k.a. Malolos Republic) on the 23rd of January in 1899 at the Barasoain Church, being the first democratic constitution in the whole continent of Asia and Africa. The festival also pays tribute to the gallantry and wisdom of our ancestors who selflessly sacrificed their lives to the cause of freedom and national sovereignty. Set from January 16 to 23 of every year, Fiesta Republica is a week-long activity that features various cultural events like arts exhibits and contests, food and trade exposition & fair, cultural performances, street dance-drama and awarding program to honor modern-day heroes, and culminates in a commemorative rites of the anniversary of the Philippine Republic Day.


    One of the highlights of the celebration is DULANSANGAN, a national street dance-drama competition that showcases the different historical events that made impact in the pursuit of Philippine freedom and sovereignty. Open to all regions, the event can be joined and competed in by the different regional delegations from all over the country. DULANSANGAN is not the usual street dancing or pageantry; it is a parade of historical vignettes being staged in the streets depicting the distinctive historical event in their respective region. Regional delegates are given subsidies of P100,000 each.

    Date, Time & Place

    DULANSANGAN is set on January 22, 2013 to start off at 1:00 o’clock in the morning at the Malolos Basilica Minore and culminates at the Malolos Sports and Convention Center in the City of Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines.

    Competing Delegates will arrive on January 21 and stay until January 23, 2013.

    Rules and Guidelines for DULANSANGAN

    1. All delegates must be endorsed by the Regional Offices of the Department of Tourism or by their Regional Development Council
    2. Each regional delegation must only have 80 to 100 dancing contingents and 20 musicians with no age limit
    3. All scripts and librettos must be submitted and subject for approval by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines for historical accuracy
    4. Except for SET and PROPS, only variations of colors RED, BLUE, WHITE and YELLOW are allowed to use for costumes
    5. Only “Republica” music will be used for street dance to be provided by the Secretariat. But for showdown, live sound & music can be used for each contingent.
    6. Harmful elements like real knives, guns and pyrotechnics or any object that can endanger human lives are not allowed in the performance
    7. Each dancing contingent stops over in front of Barasoain Church where each group performs a three (3)-minute excerpt of their production
    8. After which, they proceed at the Malolos Sports & Convention Center to perform their full Ten (10)- minute historical tableaux.
    9. Performance Time Limit must be strictly observed which includes set-up and dismantle time.
    10. All contingents will be judged for the street dancing, excerpts and full performance
    11. Judging will be based on the following criteria:
      1. Concept of Presentation            20%
      2. Choreography                          20%
      3. Dramatic Interpretations           20%
      4. Musical Score                          20%
      5. Production Design                    20%
    12. Prizes at stake
      1. 1st place                                 P 1,000,000
      2. 2nd place                                P 500,000
      3. 3rd place                                 P 300,000
      4. Consolation prizes (2)               P 100,000
    13. Decision of the judges are final and unappealable
    14. Entries must be submitted on or before December 15, 2012 at the City of Malolos Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sports Office (COM-TACSO)


    Another component of the festival is a singing competition entitled Pista ng Mga Makabayang Awiting Pilipino (Filipino Nationalist Song Competition). Aimed to popularize and revive the nationalist songs of the century, the competition features Filipino Songs composed during the 1896 Philippine Revolution up to the 1986 EDSA Revolution to being sung in their original genre and dialect. Folk songs, kundiman, kumintang and original Pilipino music that narrate figuratively the experiences of the revolution attribute the competition. Contestant must be endorsed by DOT Regional Offices with consent from Dep-Ed Regional Offices.

    Rules and Guidelines for Makabayang Awit

    1. Open to young amateur Filipino Singers who lives in the Philippines
    2. The contest is open to male and female ages 12 to 21 years old.
    3. All songs must be sung in solo and accompanied with live instrumentation.
    4. National in scope, each region can send 1 to 3 Contestants endorsed by the Regional Offices of DOT.
    5. Judging will be based on the following criteria:
      1. Relevance to the Theme 20%
      2. Musicality 30%
      3. Voice Quality 30%
      4. Presentation 20%
    6. Prizes at stake are:
      1. P 50,000 (1st Place)
      2. P 30,000 (2nd Place)
      3. P 20,000 (3rd Place)
    7. Entries can be submitted on or before December 15, 2012 at the City of Malolos Tourism Arts, Culture and Sports Office.

    Marketing and Promotions

    Fiesta Republica 2013 will be widely promoted in tri-media on a national scale. A private marketing group will be hired to do solicitation of sponsorship and publicity. A thirty (30%) percent commission will be subtracted for every deal that they can make.

    We will request the support of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, Department of Tourism and National Commission for Culture and the Arts to sponsor prizes.

    Private companies and political leaders will also be tapped to augment expenses of the national event. Big telecommunication companies like SMART, GLOBE and SUN will play a pivotal role in sponsoring events like Concerts, Fair and Performances.

    Local Activities


    TST sa Malolos 2 is a Food, Arts and Trade Fair to promote local arts & products of the City of Malolos to happen at the ruins behind Casa Real de Malolos. The venue and booths will be prepared by the City Government of Malolos to be rented out to participating local traders and restaurants. TSTM will be launched on September 15 at 5:00 o’ clock in the afternoon until January of 2013 and it will be open every day at 8:00- 10:00 PM. Those who wish to join will file applications and pay rental fee for P 10,000/ month for the booth. Participating traders will be required to produce only local delicacies and products. Performances happen only every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights by local artists of the City of Malolos.


    For the art component of TST sa Malolos, the 51 barangays in the city will have a nightly cultural show entitled GABI NG BARANGAY every Sunday night. Bringing forth the unique cultural traditions in every Barangay, each group will have their own time to shine bringing their local artists- dancers, singers, musicians and the like.


    Local competition of Dulansangan is open only for students in the City of Malolos. Depicting the local history of Bulacan, participants are expected to dramatize in the street the historical events where Maloleños were involved in the struggle. Each participating school must have a minimum of 50pax to a maximum of 100pax dancing contingents. There are three categories in the competition---elementary, secondary and tertiary, where each level receives corresponding prizes. This activity is in cooperation with Dep-Ed Malolos, MASIPRISA and CHED. Prizes at stake are: 1st place (P 100,000) 2nd place (P50,000); 3rd place (P20,000) and a subsidy of P 10,000 will be provided for every confirmed delegation. Entries must be submitted on or before December 15, 2012 at the City of Malolos Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sports Office (COM-TACSO)


    An evening of classical music called Kundiman. Open to all male and female Bulakenyos with ages 16 to 21 years old, songs by Bulacan composers N. Abelardo, F. Santiago, E. Cuenco, Buencamino and F. De Leon are featured in this competition.


    To be participated in by local restaurants and catering services, Kalutong Malolos is a culinary competition to promote the local cuisine of the city. With different categories --- appetizer, soup, main course and dessert, table setting will also be part of the contest. Prizes are: 1st Place (P5,000); 2nd Place (P3,000); and 3rd Place (P2,000) each for all categories. All participating establishments will be given an amount of P3,000 each as subsidy for the ingredients to be used. This event is scheduled on January 21, 2013 at the Patio of the Barasoain Church.


    A competition to revive Balagtasan wil be part of TST. To be participated in by young Maloleños, Rap-rapan will involve the elementary, secondary and tertiary schools levels. Done in the traditional “tugma at sukat” in rap form, the competition has two categories…individual and group. This activity is open to all Bulakenyos. Prizes are: (Individual) 1st Place- P 5,000; 2nd Place- P3,000; 3rd Place –P2,000, (Group) 1st Place- P 15,000; 2nd Place- P10,000; 3rd Place –P5,000


    Gawad Bayani at Bituin ng Malolos is the highest award–giving body in the city of Malolos to honor our modern-day local heroes. Initiated in 2011, the award is given to outstanding Maloleños who excel in their fields of expertise whether in the arts, public service, broadcast media, health, business, agriculture and labor and were recognized in the national and international community, thus become the pride of the city.


    Part of the BBM is the Regodon de Honor, a traditional group waltz to honor the anniversary of the 1st Philippine Republic and the awardees of the Bayani at Bituin ng Malolos. Usually done in the plaza, this party event is enjoined by the local community where everybody is dressed in formal attire to become part in a special dance routine. To be done in the evening of January 23 at the Patio of Barasoain Church, BBM is one of the most glamorous and prestigious events in the week-long celebration. Sponsored by the City of Malolos Tourism Council, the activity will be enjoined by the different social organizations like Rotary Clubs, Soroptimist, Lions Club and Jaycees in the City of Malolos.

  • BSB- Bagong Bayan, ika- 42 Benepisyaryo ng Bayanihan sa Barangay!

    - Matapos isagawa ang pre-consultation noong Hunyo 6, 2012, ganap na ngang naibaba ang programang Bayanihan sa Barangay Bagong Bayan noong Setyembre 6, 2012 sa pangunguna ni Mayor Christian D. Natividad.

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50th Diocesan Jubilee


Canonization of Miraculous Image

Malolos in Bulacan is so much part of the country’s colored past as many of the patriots and heroes of our history has links to this bustling city of the present. Citing all the historical events that took place in Malolos, especially those with reference to the short-lived first Philippine Republic can very well fill a sizeable book.

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Rotary Club

Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Rotary Club - Malolos :: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity

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