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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay San Agustin


Map of Barangay San Agustin

            Barangay San Agustin is one of the pioneer barrio in the City of Malolos, next only to Caingin and Canalate. In fact, in the year 1580-1581, this place was established and next to Canalate, became the center of Christianity in Malolos. Since the Spanish friars have a great influence in the giving of names.

            One of the early barrios organized in Malolos is San Agustin. In fact, this barrio was in existence since the year 1580, only a little over after barrio Caingin and Canalate, the first center of Christianity in the town. And since at that time, the Spanish friars leave a great influence in giving names to newly establish barrios, the place beside Caingin was named San Agustin, in honor of a great teacher and Doctor of the Catholic Church. It was the feast day of San Agustin when the Spanish missionaries came to this place and immediately built a chapel for worship of the natives. It started the growth and propagation of the Catholic faith in the barrio among its people. As to their belief the life and deeds of their patron Saint is worth emulating.

            San Agustin was born in Tagaste, North Africa in the year 354 this father was a pagan, but his mother is a devout Christian St. Monica. The Saint grew up at the age of 16, not yet baptized.. He joined the company of friends who are prosecutors of the Catholic Church and became a rabid enemy of the Church. But faith soon catch up with him and met some Catholic leaders of that time namely San Ambrosio, a bishop the read the books of St. Paul up to the age of 33, he was so overwhelmed and full of joy. This starts a new chapter on his life. He began to live a life according to the will of God. He was an avid apostle of Christ, from a prosecutor of the Church, he was converted to a devout defender and protector of the Catholic Faith. He became a Bishop and bravely fought heresy and paganism. After the death of her mother, they both became saints and their lives became a role model for all Christians.



Domingo P. Castro - Barangay Captain


    • Jaime C. Bartlett
    • Lolita S. Dimagiba
    • Edgardo A. Calayag, Jr.
    • Leonilo L. Larracas
    • Raymundo A. Alegre
    • Juanito G. Cruz
    • Suzara F. Pangindian




  • 2,090 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007