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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay San Juan


Map of Barangay San Juan

            If one base his idea of the history of what brought about the existence or birth of this barrio, he may conclude that the saint itself, St. John cause the establishment of this place as a separate barrio, During the early days, this barrio together with Barrio Calero is originally part of Barrio Balayong. According to the early inhabitants of the place more particularly Mrs. Teofista Pagtalunan, the image of the saint was originally enshrined at the chapel of Calero. But it seems that a miracle happened when the image was lost. The people were so surprised and depressed of the incident and conducted a wide search for the missing image of St. John. After a long and rigorous search they finally found it at a top of a short tree in a place called St. John. They Brought back the image to Calero, but shortly thereafter it got lost again and again, and as always found on the same site before.

            The residents there concluded and have common belief that maybe the saint really wants to stay there permanently in San Juan. So they followed the dictate of their conscience and built a small chapel for their Saint and there they enshrined it permanently. The place being a stones throw away from the town proper of Malolos, Improve very much economically and the once small chapel was converted to a concrete and big structure. Hence the place was permanently separated from Balayong and named after their Patron St. John the Baptist whose feast day they celebrate every June 24. They celebrate it the traditional way depicting the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan, by showering water to every passersby in the barrio.

            As per census in 1980, the total population of San Juan is 2,579, there numerous professionals including three (3) priests giving added luster to the people of the barrio. Spiritual life is centered in their chapel where regular masses and novenas are held every Sunday.



Renato Q. Litimco - Barangay Captain


    • Alfred T. Roque
    • Edgardo S. Angeles
    • Victoriano G. Arellano
    • Eugenio M. Fonbuena Jr.
    • Vincent Dr. Borlongan
    • Antonio E. Marcos
    • Liwayway Q. Aldaba




  • 3,439 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007