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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay San Pablo


Map of Barangay San Pablo

            One of the last barrio to be established in Malolos is the barrio of San Pablo. It is within the district of Sta. Isabel and a large part of the barrio is formerly a part of Tikay. When it was separated from Tikay in 1964, and became an independent barrio, it was at once given the name San Pablo, in deference to the patron Saint of Tikay which is San Pedro, their feast day commonly celebrated by both barrios every June 29. The barrio folks build their chapel where the patron Saint was enshrined. Here the spiritual lives of the residents were centered upon and thru their devotion to their patron Saint, their spiritual well-being was enhanced and nurtured. Even their community activities and meetings were also held in the chapel thus fortifying their progress and unity.

            The barrio is consisting of 359 families as of their writing 1,973 people as its population. Mostly the residents earn their living thru farming, and as the economic activities began to grow due to the various business establishments that were established, employment in factories and industrial trading was afforded the residents.



Francisco S. Domingo ,Jr. - Barangay Captain


    • Ronaldo DC. Santos
    • Rufina M. dela Cruz
    • Godofreda D. Pascual
    • Roel S. Ching
    • Jesus M. Hernandez
    • Efren R. Villalon
    • Ronaldo R. Domingo




  • 4,954 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007