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Monday, July 23, 2018

Barangay Sto. Cristo


Map of Barangay Sto. Cristo

            During those early times, when this barrio is being inhabited, several poor residents and neighbors, due to lack of water facilities decide to dig a deep well for possible sources of water. In those days there are only deep wells as not like new that there are antes an wells where residents can get their water supply. So they started digging, it take them a long while, but to their surprise, they were able to find a large cross. They stop digging, brought out the cross and they clean and restore it. They decided to build a chapel where they can place, the cross. Some donated, bamboos, labor, wood , palm and they started the construction of the chapel.

            Since the barrio has no name yet, they decide to name it after the large cross they discovered and give it the name Sto. Cristo, at the same time they have it as their patron. Like the other barrios in Malolos, the residents started the development of Christian lives thru the inspiration not of a saint, but the Christ the redeemer himself. The barrio started to live in the newly established barrio and now it is a progressive place. Many residents have success in their fields of endeavor, business enterprises grew up professionals and it became as one of the well established community in Malolos.



Denver T. Del Rosario - Barangay Captain


    • Dindo R. Buendia
    • Cezar F. Capule
    • Marilyn P. Castro
    • Jasher C. Liwanag
    • Ernesto P. Del Rosario
    • Arnaldo S. Cervantes
    • Rodante C. Apostol




  • 1,714 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007