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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay Sto. Rosario


Map of Barangay Sto. Rosario

            At present this barrio is known as Sto. Rosario. The reason for the name given to it is the following narration by elders of the barrio. According to them the elders of the barrio then called a community meeting to discuss what name will be given to the place. In that meeting, women outnumbered man in attendance, so they voted to name the place in honor of a woman saint, so, Sto. Rosario was the name adopted. The sitio that comprises the barrio then were, Zulueta, Beaterio, P. Canlapan, A. Buendia, F. Estrella, Electricidad, Sabitan, Buhangin and Calle Instrucction. Today, these sitios are known as Sabitan, Canlapan, Sampaguita, Tubigan, Matadero and Kanto Boy.

            As to date when this barrio was established, there was no clear information about this, except to the stories of old folks that the first chapel was made of wood and nipa. The land where this chapel was constructed was donated by the Aldaba family. The chapel was made the temporary church when the “Katipuneros” burned the church and the convent in the year 1899. the original families then that settled in the barrio were the Santos, Estrella, de Guzman, dela Cruz and Pagsibigan. The early leaders of the barrio were. Felipe Galang, Pablo Santos, Jose Enriquez, Fausto Crisostomo, Antonio Santos, Esteban Roque, Geronimo Alonzo, Felix Natividad, Gabriel Tolentino, Sitio Sabitan was well known as the place where male activist. hang their Spanish terrorist captives thus they were called “SABITAN”. It also served as the headquarters of the guerilla movement during the Japanese time. In the barrio, among the prominent names were Ceferino Aldaba, Leon Valencia, and Lt. Juanito Aldaba. As of this writing the total population was 6,010 with 1,080 families. The main source of livelihood was employment fishpond operator, cottage industries.



Carlito R. Cruz, Sr. - Barangay Captain


    • Elmer P. Libiran
    • Jaime R. Baltazar
    • Teodoro B. Castillo
    • Ana Fe S. Ramos
    • Ceferino D. Ramos
    • Graciano J. Castro
    • Percibal C. Pagtalunan




  • 7,211 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007


  • (044) 791-0235