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Monday, July 23, 2018

Barangay Sumapang Bata


Map of Barangay Sumapang Bata

            During the early days, Barrio Sumapa is only a single barrio bounded by a two kilometer long road. In both sides were the houses of residents. This road is in between two small river one in the south towards Barihan, and the other one going to Dakila. This small river is then called “SAPA”. Where the name of the barrio originated. But in 1924, early community leaders then have serious misunderstandings in the political affairs of the barrio this resulted in their decision to divide the barrio in to two. In the eastern part was called Sumapang Bata and the western side, Sumapang Matanda. There 206 houses in Matanda while 44 houses only were in Bata this is in this way , the lives of these two barrios started. Sumapang Bata built a new chapel of their own where their patron saint is Sta. Teresita. A certain Fr. Inquimboy , then the parish priest of Barasoain, recommended that Sta. Teresita be their patron saint. They them celebrated the feast of the Saint every October 3. The new chapel is only made of nipa but, but after from years. They converted it to wood and galvanized iron sheets.

            As time passes by, the population increased with now having 146 families with 876 people as of this writing . their livelihood mainly is farming. But there are also carpenters, masons, and other descent jobs. There are also those who choose to work overseas for greener pastures for their families. Some residents have home based livelihood, such as piggery, poultry and ice cream manufacturing. The barrio also produced professionals, nurses, teachers, engineers, accountants at employment in public and private establishments. The people continued to live their spiritual lives thru their united efforts in church activities.



Anastacio Esteban - Barangay Captain


    • Fernando E. Durupa
    • Frisco M. Hernandez
    • Elenita dJ. Maclang
    • John Alvin D. Surio
    • Honorata V. Lopez
    • Eduardo R. Manalad
    • Juanito C. Bartolo




  • 2,087 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007