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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay Tikay


Map of Barangay Tikay

            Barrio Tikay is one of the barrio of Malolos that have its own history of organization. This is based on numerous accounts based on the first group of Spaniards who settled in the barrio. But whatever is their history this barrio is standing on its own due to a solid rock foundation built around the lives of its people like its patron Saint, St Peter from whom our Catholic church was established thru him.

            Tikay is one of the earliest established barrio in Malolos. Many elders believe that is founded in 1580 as a sitio until the next few years that it has become a full pledged barrio. The past pace if settlement of its natives signaled the emergence of this barrio as one of the fast growing barrio of Malolos. As of this writing it has 580 families living peacefully with around 2,766 population. They have for their means of living farming employment business ventures. Due to their native diligence and perseverance, many of them have finished their studies and now are employed as professional. One of the achievements of this barrio and can be a heritage for future generations is their original native musical instruments the “ HIMIG KAWAYAN NG TIKAY”

            On the spiritual side of their lives a catholic chapel was built by their elders, themselves cannot tell when, but it is presumed that this in conjunction at the beginning of its organization as barrio. Their patron St. Peter was enshrined in the chapel and continue be the role model of its residents, a firm belief and conviction to the Catholic faith. St. Peter is the first Pope of the church and the keys of the gate of heaven was entrusted to him by our Lord Jesus Christ. This rare honor and confidence bestowed of their Patron, further inspired the residents to develop and maintain a firm belief in our Catholic religion. That is the reason for the constant abundance of blessings for them.



Celso M. Hernandez - Barangay Captain


    • Alvin V. Salvador
    • Nanette S. Lausa
    • Gregoria R. de Lara
    • Roberto C. Hernandez
    • Dionisio H. Cailipan
    • Rickmark F. Marinduque
    • Cristeto S. Gaspar




  • 9,064 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007