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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay Longos

Map of Barangay LongosA. HISTORY


The barrio of Longos is situated at the northern most part of Malolos. It is irregular in size, “ungos-ungos” in tagalog. Many of its elders are in belief that its name was derive from its shape of the land area of topographical survey. The barrio was formally established as part of Malolos, Barasoain district in 1871. the first settlers of the barrio are Kabesang Artero Villafuerte, Pedro Cruz, and Basilio de Jesus. During the early years, the main source of living is sugar cane planting and rice. In fact at the time, there were sugar mills in the area, and its location can still be traced. At the present, farming is the source of its livelihood, rice growing. The barrio is fortunate for having Centro Escolar University established in their territorial jurisdiction. As of this writing Longos has around 300 families, consisting of 1,173 inhabitants. Majority of its residents are catholic, the first chapel was constructed in 1882 in a lot donated by a certain Apolonia delos Santos. It was first known as “Bantayan”. The image of St. Joseph, their patron was done by a Sculptor named Jesus Crisostomo, a carpenter, as a donation. It will be worth mentioning here the history of the life of St. Joseph their patron saint. He is the father of our Lord Jesus. When he was born , the Blessed Virgin Mary was this mother. When Jesus was conceived by Mary, there is a necessity that a father stands in for him. According to instructions of an angel from heaven , all the suitors of Mary were required to place a wooden stick to the altar, and that the one who will grow leaves and flowers will be designated as the husband of Mary. Joseph’s wooden stick was the lucky one. St. Joseph a loving and caring husband, fulfilled all his obligations of a loving and caring husband except that he kept Mary a Virgin, after Jesus was born until Mary ascends to heaven. The good patron Saint of Longos is an ideal and model father. Up the time of his death, on March 19, St. Joseph is known as the father of Jesus.



Nestor M. de Guzman -Barangay Captain


    • Ma. Concepcion G. Camua
    • Sevilla C. Agustin
    • Jerry M. Campos
    • Jimmy A. Ferrer
    • Ana Ruth A. Bernardo
    • Ruperto J. Tiglao
    • Buenaventura D. Maglanque




  • 10,808 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007


  • (044) 760-6192