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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay Look 2nd

Map of Barangay Look 2ndA. HISTORY


According to reliable sources and from the elders of the barrio Look is originally surrounded by river banks when plants and trees suitable to grow in river surface are numerous. There is no information available as to when the barrio is established, but others say it is already 150 years old by 1980. The name of the barrio originated from a story of a wild chicken (Labuyo) that inhabited that place. It was said that every night and during the early hours of the morning, they can hear strange sound coming from the chicken, or tilaok in tagalog. This is why the place was called Look. It was further modified to Look 2nd because there is also Look 1st already . Planting various types of plants is the common source of the livelihood of the residents. The peaceful and quiet atmosphere prevailing in the barrio inspired to work harder the whole day. Besides, there are also others who work in business establishments in the Manila area and other parts of the Philippines. In the spiritual side of their lives, they have as patron the Christ in the Holy Cross. The reason given is that roads are crossing San Francisco in Bulacan, and Taal towards Malolos proper from Tabang, Guiguinto. In this manner the shape of its roads are like a cross. They have chosen as its patron. It is a significant choice, because the Christ that was crucified in the cross has a deep meaning in the salvation of mankind through the cross in Calvary. Every month of May, they celebrate their barrio fiesta through the Sta. Cruzan festivities often all residents cooperate in all activities.



Jose A. Uy -Barangay Captain


    • Emer R. Bautista
    • Romeo L. Paraiso
    • Ernesto C. Paraiso
    • Amado M. Valenzuela
    • Gaudencio T. Pagtalunan
    • Danilo S. Santos
    • Joselito DC Mendoza




  • 2,485 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007