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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay Lugam

Map of Barangay LugamA. HISTORY


Lugam and Look 1st seemed to be one in existence. This is proven by the fact that they have institutions, social and spiritual in common. They have only one chapel, school and health centers in the beginning. But having a separate identity, it has to exist individually and independently. But it does not mean that they are permanently separated. Both its residents continue to be close to each other, most are relatives. According to the narrations by certain Ricardo S. Gregorio, Lugam existed since 1878, although it is not yet known as Lugam then. It is a low lying area but the higher portion can’t be settled in by residents, because it is own by a rich Spaniard. But when settlers started constructing their houses in the place, people experienced hardships so an observer named it LUGAM. The name given stayed on for a long time, so that when it is formally established it was baptized as LUGAM, a name associated to the hardships, patients, dedication of those first inhabitants to pursue a meaningful life for them. Numerous trials in life have been experienced by the local folks but they survive it by their firm determination to live a successful life. The Spanish and Japanese wars proved their story the will to live a peaceful and meaningful life. It has been told also that their chapel was constructed since 1878 at that time of Capitan Bina. Their lives are greatly influenced by their spiritual lives developed and centered in this chapel. Thru their cooperation in unity and with assistance of responsible person’s life Gov. Jose Padilla Sr., family of Sandicos, the people of Lugam was able to recover and live on from the past experiences and became a part of the historical Malolos. The main source of livelihood is farming. Others have talents in carpentry, masonry, tinsmith, and even construction contractors, others tried their luck in overseas employment. Meanwhile, the youth continue to prepare for their future by pursuing their studies. Look 1st and Lugam have only one chapel in common, signifying the continued coexistence and cooperation of their respective people. Their patron is the Virgin of the Holy Rosary wherein they devote themselves and hope for her intercession for a successful life.



Michael M. Aquino -Barangay Captain


    • Edgardo F. Domingo
    • Joselito D. San Diego
    • Paulino G. Sulit,Jr.
    • Mario C. Hipolito
    • Mario A. Dela Cruz
    • Bernardo R. Bernardo
    • Mario M. de Leon




  • 3,966 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007