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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay Mabolo


Map of Barangay Mabolo

            A local fruit, MABOLO, a rough outside texture but inside it is white, soft, delicious and sweet fruit. The name of this fruit is associated with the name of the barrio MABOLO. Its name characterized by the attributes of the fruit symbolizes the deep cooperation of its residents in order to have a successful and prosperous life for its residents. This is in contrast to the characteristic of the tree which is often described as not conducive to a comfortable feeling. The name connotes as irritation to the skin The chapel of St. Francis de Assisi, their patron saint served as their focal point of association and unity among its residents. Their spiritual lives revolved and are centered in, this chapel and guidance and intercession of the saint. According to the books of history, their chapel was constructed 53 years ago and they are also celebrating their fiesta on October 4 for that long time. The smooth relationship and cooperation of their spiritual leaders and civilian authorities continue to spell success to its spiritual, social and economic advancement of its people. Every set of officers who served the barrio for a certain period of time leaved a legacy of their dedicated service a memorial contribution to the improvement and development of their chapel and their religious lives of the people. The spiritual advancement of the residents is based on the true life of their patron saint that lived fruitful, honest and religious life. Thru his contrite heart, the catholic world has learned and continued to be guided by this prayer of St. Francis de Assisi;

 "Lord makes me an instrument of peace; Wherever there is hatred, let me show love; Where there is doubt, let me demonstrate faith; Where there is darkness, let me be the light; And where there is sadness, let me produce joy.”

          This faith in God to oneself and to others served as the guiding spirit in their lives. The source of living of the people is farming, employment in the government and private sector, and cottage industries like bag making, basket making, sewing clothes and other handmade industries. Based on the spirit of ecumenism, the people are being united to live a life of close relationship to each other for the success of their endeavor.



Carlos C. Vistan Sr. - Barangay Captain


    • Francisco J. Castro
    • Victor C. Bernardo
    • Melencio F. Tamayo
    • Lalaine S. Santos
    • Rosalie Ann C. Tamayo
    • Gloria G. Dimagiba
    • Melchor A. Dela Cruz




  • 6,202 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007


  • (044) 760-4456