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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay Masile


Map of Barangay Masile

            In the beginning this place called Masile is not yet a barrio. It is a tiny islet along the big river. If you are here at present you are facing the east at your right side is the said barrio.. In the center of this tiny island grew a plant called sile. As time goes on, many more of this tree grew. That is why it is called “Sapang Masile” meaning it is surrounded by this tree. As days passed by, to friends constructed a nipa hut in a “balsa” They are Canuto de Roxas and Alejandro Magpayo, and they live there together and their families. They earn them living by extracting “tuba” or vinegar from the palm plant. As their children got matured, and have their own families , they began constructing their own nipa huts. As the huts grew in number the place was called “Salunggang Masile”. As time goes by, more and more are constructing their own nipa huts reaching 18 in all, thus they decided to build a mini chapel, where they chose the Virgin de Los Remedios as their patroness. And every time the image of the virgin arrived at the chapel, masses are held to celebrate its fiesta honoring their patroness. The feast day is every month of February.

            The political and spiritual lives of its residents revolved around and served as the determining factor in the successful living and conditions of the residents. Like other barrios in Malolos, they elected their leaders who steer the everyday lives of their people, peacefully and economically. The barrio thru the main source of livelihood, fishing and fish pond operation became a partner in progress of the town. in this spiritual side of their lives, there are dedicated leaders who guide the people in their religious activities, relying on the Virgin for the intersession for blessings from the Lord.



Arnel T. Cabantog - Barangay Captain


    • Ma. Jean M. Caparas
    • Eugenio M. Carlos  
    • Dedoatus Y. Avendaño
    • Henry C. Natividad
    • Ruperto F. Tenorio
    • Gerardo F. Cervantes
    • Rogelio V. Guanzon




  • 744 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007