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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay Matimbo


Map of Barangay Matimbo

            From a much forested area mostly wild grass known as “tambo” was born a new barrio in the southern part of Malolos. It was estimated that Matimbo is formally organized as a barrio in the early years of the 17th century. From the heart of the town proper Christian civilization flows thru the barrio, thus emerging a new barrio to be a part of the historic town of Malolos.

            According to stories and tales, the name Matimbo was taken from the fact that so many “tambo” grew in the place so many people will usually comment that the place was “matambo”. The plant is a source of a livelihood of the residence they will bind together a number of “tambo” and they will produce a product use in cleaning utensils. They sell it their nearby barrios to earn a living. Later on the barrio was named “Matimbo”. At present there is no more a trace of the tambo. It only serves as the memory of the past. The forested area was converted into rice fields where it became the main source of the living of the people, farming and buntal making. They seek the guidance and intersession of their patron saint San Isidro Labrador.

            The center of their everyday life is the chapel and the school where the elders meet for their spiritual development and the youth of the barrio pursue their education. Cottage industries like bag making contributed a lot for their economic advancement and the means to finance the study of their children. The barrio became famous for these industries not only in Malolos, and in the nearby towns but also in manila and nearby provinces where they transport their bag products. San Isidro Labrador is still their patron saint whose fiesta they celebrate every May 15 of every year. In the past and present times, Matimbo played a major role in the development of the town, spiritually and politically. It has produced sons and daughters who excel thru their God given talents in field of education, health, engineering, various industries, political and peace and order, contributing a big factor in the development and progress of Malolos.



Digna C. Quinto - Barangay Captain


    • Ruben R. Baltazar
    • Ariel A. Torres
    • Fernando F. Mateo
    • Marilou S. Cundangan
    • Reynante P. Ramos
    • Noel A. Clavio
    • Armando M. Cruz




  • 6,254 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007


  • (044) 796-1835