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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Barangay Pamarawan


Map of Barangay Pamarawan

            During the Spanish regime, there were events and happenings in a remote coastal area surrounded by palm trees, wooden shrubs, creeks and rivers. There were only a very few houses erected therein a small amount of inhabitants. Their important source of livelihood for their families is catching shrimps which abound in great quantity in the rivers, creeks and along the seaside. That’s the reason for even strangers in nearby areas and as far as Pampanga went there to get a share of bountiful harvest of shrimps. A barrio in which is within the boundary of Pampanga are the regular company of many residents who catch shrimps daily. The natives of Batang, Pampanga called “PARAW”. Time quickly passed by and the houses and families grew bigger and bigger. Even those coming from other places established their residence in the barrio, even the Kapampangans. In 1998, the place became a regular barrio and called it PAMARAWAN, meaning plenty of paraw or shrimps according to Kapampangans who resided there.

            Today, Pamarawan is a progressive barangay due to the rich natural resources of the seas, different varieties of fish, steel fish, alimasag, alimango and crabs and most especially the native shrimps, which all commanded a very high price when brought to the municipal a\market and even in Manila because of its high quality there are now around 300 houses with 2,300 residents as of this writing. Their principal means of living is fishing. The former smell barrio is now looking forward to a bright future for the youth now enjoying their education, and sooner or later, they will be the one taking charge of building a brighter progressive, stable economy for their barangays. Thru the intercession of their patroness, Stella Maris the Pamaraweno’s is assured of a bright place in the history of Malolos.



Cezar S. Bartolome - Barangay Captain


    • Rendon B. Dela Peña
    • Abner M. Sulit
    • Gamaliel B. Mercado
    • Menandro A. Ramos
    • Andres R. Roxas
    • Diosdado c. Matito
    • Ernesto B. Bautista




  • 2,861 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007