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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How to Apply for Business Permit





STEP 1 :Interview and filling-up of the Application Form (BPLO-Business Permit and Licensing Office)
Applicants proceeds to the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO)- Permits & Licensing Division for the issuance of application form.








STEP 2 : Attach all requirements for assessment (WINDOW 1,2,3)
The applicant with all clearances complete then proceeds to the Encoding Section of the Business Permits & Licensing Division for the data entry.







STEP 3 : Pay Order of Payment (CTO Collection - WINDOW 8)
Applicant pays at CTO Collection Section and is issued Official Receipt.








STEP 4 : Attach All Requirement for Releasing
Attach all requirements and proceed to WINDOW 4.







STEP 5 :  Releasing of Business Permit and Plate(Business Permit and Licensing Office - BPLO)

Complied all requirements for assessment only, to be issued a conditional permit (NEW & RENEWAL)

Complied all requirements for assessment and releasing, to be issued a BUSINESS PERMIT/PLATE/STICKER/CERTIFICATE OF CLOSURE.


Note: Bring the original and photocopy of all requirements.